River at Fern Lake Trailhead

mountain streem

       In Rocky Mountain National Park is a secluded trail head that leads a hiker to Fern Lake and other high altitude lakes. The vehicle parking is small. One is very lucky to get a spot, and we were!
So excited to paint the river at this trail head my friend and I set up our easels right along the river bank on the waters edge. A beautiful clear day, with the bluest sky only Colorado is known for. The river is a quiet river with small rocks and a gentle flow. Large massive  pine trees, healthy still, without beetle kill that is taking over the Park Forest. Tall grass and bushes frame the banks.
    I had trouble with my unbrella  that shades my canvas and pallet.  Struggleing holding the unbrella with one hand and painting with the other was the only distraction on this peaceful enjoyable painting day.  Luckily a modern day MacGyver came a long  and fixed the unbrella for me  and I was able to paint and enjoy the experience.
     God’s creation provides so much beauty, color, texture, contrast, harmony and so much more. It is impossible to copy  but each painting time spent outdoors He reveals something new for me to learn, He opens my eye and reveals newness.

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