Category: Oil Paintings


        Traveler was a dear friend of Hugh T’s. This horse took him everywhere with confidence. A great Trail Horse and Teacher of up and coming trail horses. A painting gives the true feel, personality, and color better than a photograph.

Elkhorn Stables

    Elkhorn Stable is located outside of Estes Park, CO. I am always drawn to animals and especially horses. I enjoyed the day painting them en plein air. While taking a break the lodge goat came over to see me and then left on a trail ride with his horse buddies. That will be another painting.
    I am the photographer so this painting didn’t photograph as well as it looks in person. 

Betsy and Alice

   I really enjoyed this day painting en plein air, french for painting outdoors. Betsy and Alice are small two year old calves at Longview Farm, Longmont. I came to sit on a bench and paint maybe the barn or fields and mountains. These two stayed near me, watching through the fence. I had to paint them, they were Sooo cute. 

How Did They Get There?

        Joe and I were invited to a freinds ranch outside of Kremling, CO to help move the cattle herd down from the high country. The trail boss sent us to find strays over the hill as they continued to move the herd. We didn’t find any strays, and headed back to were we thought we left the main herd, but couldn’t find the trail that they took. Now how can you not find a group of 50+ cattle, they should leave tracks and turned up land. (This is a testament that horses and cattle leave no trace.) When we (Joe on Brandi and me on Cochis the paint) found an overlook where we could see the land, the herd was way down below. I exclaimed, “HOW DID THEY GET THERE!!”

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